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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Bill that would make abortions illegal after 20 weeks gets Trump’s backing

A House bill banning abortions after 20 weeks on Monday received the official backing of the Trump administration. The White House “strongly supports” the Republican efforts to “secure critical pro-life protections” and believes “America’s children deserve the stronger protections” that the bill would provide. “The bill, if enacted into law, would help to facilitate the...

Apple investigating reports of new iPhone 8 splitting open

Apple told U.K. newspaper "The Independent" that it's looking into reports from several customers in Asia who say their new phones split open while they were being charged.

Jimmy Kimmel tearfully rips into politicians in wake of Vegas shooting

Jimmy Kimmel excoriated politicians who sent love to the families of Las Vegas shooting victims, but who won’t pass legislation to curb mass shootings in this country. “Here we are again, in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicably shocking and painful tragedy,” Kimmel began Monday night’s JKL, noting Las Vegas is his hometown. “And, of...

Apple investigating reports of new iPhone 8’s splitting open

Apple told U.K. newspaper "The Independent" that it's looking into reports from several customers in Asia who say their new phones split open while they were being charged.

‘Everyone is dying’: Survivors describe scene of terror, heroism

Shaken survivors of the Vegas massacre described a scene of both desperation and courage — with terrified concertgoers heroically aiding each other, first responders using luggage carts as gurneys, and cops hunting the gunman under a hail of bullets. “I saw guys plugging bullet holes with their fingers,” one witness, Russell Bleck, told NBC’s “Today”...

USC faculty member spawns false active shooter panic

School officials say false reports of a shooting at the University of California were spawned by a faculty member telling her students during class that there was an active shooter in the building. USC Department of Public Safety chief John Thomas said Los Angeles police are questioning the woman. Authorities did not say why she...

The three things you need to know today in New York: Tue October 3

1. Tonight’s Tantra Speed Date event combines tantra yoga and speed dating. It starts at 7pm and has partner yoga and games. 2. Tickets for Mean Girls on Broadway go on sale today, because it’s October 3, of course. See the show at August Wilson Theater starting in March. 3. A late-night gaming café has opened on the Lower East Side. The Waypoint Café serves coffee with a side of video games until midnight or later. For more events, check in with Time Out throughout the day.

Marine Parkers honor Robert “Pudgie” Walsh with street co-naming

See this story at BrooklynDaily.com. By Julianne Cuba Brooklyn Daily Family and friends proudly hung up a new street sign on Avenue P and E. 36th Street on Oct. 1 to honor the heroism of one of Marine Park’s Bravest. Robert “Pudgie” Walsh, who died in 2016, put his life on the line for decades as a New York City firefighter, and he brought the community together as the founder and coach of the fire department’s football club. The crowd who showed up for the Sunday ceremony to co-name a portion of Avenue P as Robert “Pudgie” Walsh Way was a beautiful example of how many people’s lives “Pudgie” touched, said one of his friends, who is also a now-retired firefighter. “He was quite the character, an amazing individual — he had quite a career,” said Marine Parker Daniel Prince. “The ceremony was fabulous, had a lot of people from the football team there — alumni present and past — loads of firefighters he worked with. It was an amazing experience.” Walsh, who was born in 1934, also ser..

The Ambrose Light casts a satirical beam at Ridge politics

See this story at BrooklynDaily.com. By Julianne McShane Brooklyn Daily This Bay Ridge blogger is coming out of the shadows into the light! The lifelong Ridgite and heretofore anonymous blogger behind The Ambrose Light, a satirical blog on the website Medium poking fun at local politicians and neighborhood concerns, started posting in June to try and make light the divisive bickering among the many Council candidates before last month’s primary, but also in the hope of better-informing people about the issues facing the area. “A lot of politics for this current electoral cycle is hyper negative — it’s very easy to make fun of,” said Dan Hetteix. “But I also want these articles to guide people to more factual understandings of issues in the neighborhood.” He started thinking about publishing a hyper-local, Onion-like blog back in January, when he saw the popularity of his comments in local Facebook groups making fun of neighborhood concerns. Eventually, his Facebook friends were as..

Dance sweet: Show combines chocolate and movement

See this story at BrooklynDaily.com. By Julianne Cuba Brooklyn Daily Call it the dance of the sugar fairies! Chocolate lovers can see the sweet stuff and eat it too during two interactive food-infused dance shows happening Oct. 11 and Oct. 14 in Greenpoint. Chocolate Dances, a Queens chocolate-making dance company invites sweet fiends to join “The Chocolate Dances’ Costume Party Tasting Performance,” where the audience can bite down on homemade truffles while watching the tasty show unfold, a act that brings the audience into the action, according to the company’s chocolatier and choreographer. “The audience is actually served chocolate throughout the show in various forms, from raw cacao bits, to chocolate in bar form, to chocolate truffles I hand-make myself,” said Megan Sipe, who lives in Manhattan. “Chocolate has this really amazing quality that makes it really easy for the audience to interact with the performances.” The interactive performance starts off with the audience j..